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The benefits of Stepline Original ANTI-SLIP TREADS

Stepline Original is a range of anti-slip treads for interior and exterior stairs, that are available for next day dispatch.

With a wide selection of colour options (including black, white, yellow, grey and brown), it can be straight fitting or flexible to create seamless curves.

The integrated profile means it is not a trip hazard, and its grit free surface makes it easy to clean. However, it offers a high friction solution and is resistant to heavy traffic even in a venue like Wembley Stadium, where our inserts continue to perform.

Stepline Original also offers a more economical solution than carborundum inserts do, as we manufacture to your specific length which therefore reduces wastage.

  • ANTI SLIP – reducing risks of slips and falls
  • DESIGN  - unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, no aluminium stair nosing required
  • VERSATILE – suitable for internal or external use, available any width 12-285mm, flexible
  • EASY TO CLEAN – slip resistant surface that is easy to clean
  • FAST DELIVERY – readily available for rapid delivery


Use our integrated step insets on

Concrete, Stone, Marble, Terrazzo, Ceramic, Timber

For Internal and External use