Boss store front used anti-slip stair inserts

Hugo Boss Manchester

Hugo Boss Manchester

When luxury German fashion brand Hugo Boss refitted their Manchester store, Stepline Modena anti-slip inserts were chosen. This was done to create an impressive staircase between the ground and first floor.

The tiled surface of the stairs required an non-slip finish, whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It was important to complement the interior design scheme, and enhance the customer experience of this luxury retail brand. In essence, create a great example of design and functionality combined.

Artech’s Stepline Modena stainless steel anti-slip inserts are perfect for this. This is because they provide a robust and long-lasting solution coupled with a striking finish. Additionally, they provide a stark contrast to an unattractive traditional nosing system. Furthermore, both the tiled stairs and the steel inserts require very little maintenance.

On each step, two inserts were installed a small margin above the stair tread surface. In addition, they were approximately 30mm apart to create a ‘safe’ stepping zone on the stair edge. The result, is the ultimate combination of style and functionality, something which every interior design seeks. In total, 130 metres of Stepline Modena stainless steel anti-slip inserts were used to complete the project.


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